Seven years and $15b gone: Nothing to show for the Universal Child Care Benefit

Seven years ago today, Stephen Harper’s first act as Prime Minister-just three hours after taking office-was to cut Canada’s first national child care program. This program would have created more high quality regulated child care, made child care more affordable for families across the country and been a first step to a real system.

Prime Minster Harper replaced the program with the Universal Child Care Benefit, a $100 /month cheque for children under age 6. Since then, $15b has been spent on the UCCB while families across Canada struggle to find affordable high quality child care.

With this in mind, the Child Care Advocacy Association of Canada calls on all Members of the House of Commons-Opposition Parties and the Government of Canada-to act now to ensure that public funds are directed towards the services that children and families need.

See the full release.

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