Action Update from the $10aDay Child Care Campaign

The unstoppable momentum of the $10aDay Child Care Plan continues to build excitement and we’re ready to make sure BC candidates in the federal election know that voters support the $10aDay Plan.

A new provincial poll on child care, shows that British Columbians support government investment in building an affordable child care system, they prefer government funding for child care services over cash to parents, by a margin of 3 to 1, and they agree that the $10aDay Plan is beneficial and realistic, and would consider voting for a political party that implements it.

Just in time for International Women’s Day the Coalition of Child Care Advocates of BC has now launched the $10aDay Child Care Campaign website at

British Columbians want the $10aDay Child Care to become a reality. Clearly, we are closer today than ever before! With dedicated transfer funds from the federal government we’ll be even better positioned in BC to invest in the S10aDay Child Care Plan.Watch for announcements and join us for the Vote Child Care 2015 Week of Action in May!

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