Pledge to Vote Child Care on October 19th

Monthly Pledge Days

  • July 20th 2015 – for quality child care all families can afford
  • August 12th 2015 – International Day of Youth
  • September 14th 2015 – Grandparents for Child Care
  • October 5th 2015 – World Teacher’s Day

By signing the pledge for quality child care that all families can afford and count on, we’re asking you to make a powerful commitment to:

  1. Vote on Election Day
  2. Support a candidate that supports quality child care that all families can afford and count on
  3. Invite your friends and networks to Vote Child Care too
  4. SHARE your commitment to Vote Child Care on social media, and challenge others to pledge as well. “I just pledged to Vote Child Care in this federal election: I call on [YOUR FRIENDS NAMES] to join me!”

Download the Pledge sign up form for large events.  Scan and send completed forms to

Order print versions of the Vote Child Care Pledge for your summer/fall canvass!

Check out the print version here. Complete the order form here.

Keep up to date with where the major political parties stand on child care.

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