Quality affordable care

I am currently a student enrolled in the Early Childhood Education Program and once completed, I hope to open my own daycare that offers high quality yet affordable childcare. I am not a mother myself but I have seen both mothers and fathers, at the daycare I work part time at, struggle with being able to afford full time care for their children. These parents not only struggle with paying for childcare but they also wonder what are they paying for, where does their hard earned money go, and what are they and their children receiving from the program. I strongly believe with the high priced daycare fees today, parents deserve to know what exactly their family is gaining from the experience. “Quality” childcare needs to be high quality meaning the program needs to be education and have the appropriate curriculum, also the childcare workers need to be highly educated and be properly trained for the field of work. Along with offering quality care, I believe daycares need to have accessible care for all type of families, not just the parents with high paying job who can afford it. All families should have the right to high quality care for their children no matter how big their pay cheque is. My wish for our country and communities is to be able to offer families this type of care, and for daycares to work with schools so all children’s educational needs are being looked after not only in the infancy and toddler years but moving forward into school ages years.
Since the first three years of every child’s life is the more important, each and every child should be allowed to attend a high quality program that does not put financial stress on the parents. One day I will be able to open up a program that offers this, and I hope there are many more to be opened in order to provide quality affordable care.
Thank you!

Dinah King

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