Quality early childhood programs

I recently returned to school to pursue a career in Early Learning and Childcare. I am not a mother and I do not have years of experience in the field so my views might be different from others.
I believe that the purpose of early childhood programs are to give children a safe and caring place to learn, grow, and develop. Early childhood programs also give parents a harmless place to send their children while they are at work. I believe that children learn best when they are having fun but also when they have someone encouraging them to do their best. A Curriculum for young children should include play, family encouragement, structured activities, and support staff members. Some of the elements of quality early childhood education are safe care, healthful care, encouragement, promoting positive relationships, and promoting equal opportunity. The basic needs of young children are safety, their physical needs are being met, opportunities for learning, and learning proper hygiene. Qualities important for early childhood educators are being: caring, patient, kind, understanding, open to change, and ready for anything.
I live in a small community where quality childcare isn’t always available. I feel that people paying for childcare are over paying for a service they aren’t receiving properly. A childcare worker needs to love what they do but be properly educated. This career isn’t one you just ‘stick around for the pay cheque’ so to say. We are not paid greatly but yet we have a huge impact on children’s lives. I feel that some people might use the low pay as an excuse to not give quality childcare. Anyone getting into this field should not just look at it as job because it is much more important than that. We are with children most of their day and they need to be safe but also have opportunities to learn and grow while they are in our care. Quality early childhood programs are not always accessible and the ones that are can be very expensive. I feel the needs of the family paying for childcare need to be considered. Not all families have someone in them who is making ‘oilfield money’ and many families today only have one source of income.


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