Child Care by 2020: A Vision and a Way Forward

Child Care 2020

In 2014, the CCAAC and partners organized ChildCare2020, a conference that brought together more than 600 Canadian and international child care delegates that included child care advocates, activists, academics, parents, early childhood educators, politicians, service providers, systems managers, economists and trade unionists.

It was the first opportunity in over 10 years to bring together significant numbers of people from across the country and internationally to share perspectives, discuss a vision for a national child care program and to learn new ways to mobilize and build momentum to not only strengthen the child care movement in Canada but to put forward a common vision and common message about what we need from the next federal government.

The Vision

On the closing day of the conference a motion to endorse the Vision set out in the background paper, ChildCare 2020: A vision and a way forward was unanimously and enthusiastically passed.

See the vision on video

[wpvideo 0YCLKPaW]

This child care vision is based on:

  • Universal entitlement – Child care for all is a public good, a human right and part of building the equal, just Canada that we value
  • High quality – Quality in child care programs is key for children’s development and well-being
  • Comprehensiveness – A variety of inclusive child care services and related policies are needed to support all families

Making this possible means:

  • A national policy framework – a well-designed plan developed by the federal government together with provinces, territories and Indigenous communities
  • Long-term funding – sustained to keep child care affordable, pay ECE’s decent wages and keep quality
  • Building a system – bringing together all levels of government, researchers, service providers, parents and educators to plan for the care and educational needs of young children and to support parents to work, study and participate in their communities

Our most recent campaign, Vote Child Care 2015 advocated for a federal government that would:

  • Commit to long term sustained funding for child care.
  • Provide federal leadership in the development of a national child care and early learning system.
  • Come to the table with the provinces, territories, and Indigenous communities ready to build a public, non-profit system that we can count on.

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