Major report on Early Childhood Education in Canada released

The Childcare Resource and Research Unit (CRRU) released its report, Early Childhood Education and Care in Canada 2016.  The 11th edition since 1992, the report provides key data on child care, kindergarten and parental leave across Canada.  The consistent and credible approach to data collection and analysis reflected in the ECEC in Canada report allows policy makers and advocates to identify changes in child care over time, and to identify the gaps in Canada’s patchwork system of child care.

The report tracks spaces, finances, program-related features and public policy developments at the provincial/territorial and federal levels.  As well, it includes relevant demographic information such as mothers’ labour force participation and child population for the period of 2014 to 2016.

Commenting on the report in an interview with the Toronto Star, Executive Director of Child Care Now Morna Ballantyne said the report reveals that ‘provinces and territories are anxious to solve the child care crisis and are responding to the demands of parents with young children for more and better child care. It confirms there is a real appetite on the part of the provinces to move forward and that the federal government needs to respond even more than they have to provide the assistance through money.’

Read the full Early Childhood Education and Care in Canada 2016 report.

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