Canada’s New Early Learning and Child Care Framework

On Jun 12, 2017 the federal government announced a Multilateral Early Learning and Child Care Framework (MFA) which sets the foundation for federal, provincial and territorial governments to work together “toward a shared long-term vision where all children can experience the enriching environment of quality early learning and child care that supports children’s development to reach their full potential.”

The MFA was negotiated following a 11-year federal funding commitment set out in the 2017 federal budget. The agreement sets broad parameters for how these federal child care funds will be spent by the provinces and territories. It calls for improvements in quality, accessibility, affordability, flexibility, and inclusivity in early learning and child care, with consideration for those more in need.

Early Learning and Child Care Bilateral Agreements

More details on the implementation of the MFA are set out in bilateral agreements between the federal government and each province and territory.



British Columbia




New Brunswick


Newfoundland and Labrador


Northwest Territories


Nova Scotia








Prince Edward Island






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