BC Government allocates $366 million for child care

British Columbia’s provincial government is allocating $366 million to expand access to quality, affordable child care and invest in early childhood educators. The funding represents an increase of nearly $200 million for the second year of the its 10-year universal child care commitment.  

In its first year, the program succeeded in:

  • Lowering fees for 52,000 children and their families, with many more low-income families paying low or no fees
  • 2,500 children accessing $10/day pilot sites
  • Giving Early Childhood Educators their first publicly-funded wage increase in almost 20 years, along with increased bursaries and education supports 
  • Creating new licensed programs, and upgrading existing facilities 
  • Converting unlicensed spaces to licensed
  • Increasing supports for young parents and children with additional needs
  • Meeting commitments to Indigenous-led child care on and off reserve

“This is a significant step forward,” said Morna Ballantyne, Executive Director of Child Care Now. “It is an example of the rapid progress that can be made when a government follows through on its promises to build a child care system in full consultation with child care advocates, parents and communities.”  

Tell British Columbia’s Finance Minister you support child care investments.

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