Toolkit: Using Social Media

Using Social Media

Social media can be a great way to:

  • highlight the issue of the lack of affordable, quality child care;
  • engage others with the issue;
  • draw attention to a meeting with a candidate.
Tip for using social media:
  • Always ask permission when posting a photo of someone other than yourself;
  • Be positive and respectful when describing a meeting with a candidate;
  • Centre on facts and voices of parents and educators;
  • Tag candidates, political parties, political party leaders and interested journalists
  • Use hashtags to have your message appear in more places. We suggest: #affordablechildcare, #cdnchildcare, #childcareforall, #childcarechampion;
  • Don’t forget to tag us, Facebook: @childcarenowcanada, Twitter: @child_care_now, Instagram: @child_care_now;
  • Share our campaign page to help get others involved.




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