Manitoba government responds to child care crisis with… another study

Affordable accessible universal child care cures boredom in pre-teens

Child care advocates in Manitoba are shaking their heads today after catching wind of the provincial government’s plan to deal with a child care system under severe strain by studying it more.

Details are sketchy but the coalition has learned that the government has contracted with KPMG to give an exhaustive 2016 study more study.

The Child Care Coalition of Manitoba released a report card of its own on the state of child care in the province today. However they pointed to a 2016 provincial government commission report on early childhood education as ample evidence and direction for how to deal with the problem.

The Manitoba Early Learning and Child Care Commission Final Report set out a way to create 12,000 accessible, affordable child care spaces in Manitoba over five years. The only thing that’s changed since its release is that the wait list has gone from 12,000 to 16,500 names.

CCCM spokesperson Brianne Goertzen said the needs of children and ECE workers should be top of mind and called the planned KPMG study “passing the buck to the private sector.”