My Child Care Story

I have always loved children and working with children and one day a child care position fell into my lap. Within one year I went from the assistant part time teacher to the full time coordinator of the one preschool here in town. I am young and don’t have any children or younger siblings of… Continue reading My Child Care Story

Quality affordable care

I am currently a student enrolled in the Early Childhood Education Program and once completed, I hope to open my own daycare that offers high quality yet affordable childcare. I am not a mother myself but I have seen both mothers and fathers, at the daycare I work part time at, struggle with being able… Continue reading Quality affordable care

I vote for childcare

I vote for childcare. Many families face barriers to true participation in our society. In the past, having access to affordable childcare helped my family move from poverty to participation in the employment market. Today, I am glad that my grandson is able to benefit from early learning opportunities afforded by access to his safe,… Continue reading I vote for childcare

I am a full-time student with one toddler and one pre-schooler in daycare.

I am a full-time student with one toddler and one pre-schooler in daycare. Despite the partial subsidy that I receive for daycare because I am a student my husband and I struggle to afford the cost of the daycare and my tuition on one income. I’m very worried about paying full cost for daycare when I… Continue reading I am a full-time student with one toddler and one pre-schooler in daycare.

Action Update from the $10aDay Child Care Campaign

The unstoppable momentum of the $10aDay Child Care Plan continues to build excitement and we’re ready to make sure BC candidates in the federal election know that voters support the $10aDay Plan. A new provincial poll on child care, shows that British Columbians support government investment in building an affordable child care system, they prefer… Continue reading Action Update from the $10aDay Child Care Campaign

Working for free

I am the mother of a 3 year old boy living in Halifax. After spending months on several daycare waiting lists I finally got my son in to a centre but am now realizing that two thirds of my salary is going to childcare. Once you account for gas and other work expenses, I truly… Continue reading Working for free

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